Laszlo Thorsen-Nagel

Untitled 3

About the Artist

Raised in Bavaria Germany surrounded with paintings and sculpture by my father Daniel Nagel and grandfather Hans Nagel, I was taken by their abstract modernist aesthetic. As an adult this influence lead me to strive to develop my own minimal language through painting. I utilize the ancient techniques of sumi-e brush strokes on paper, canvas and clay board. I work to generate light through ink transparency and opacity, line density and space. Preparation involves a practice in which I bind my own brushes and adjust the saturation of inks with water. The painting process relies on a meditative state in which I coalesce with the brush, with the studio light and with the moment, letting each element speak for itself.

Untitled 3
from untitled 14, #3
Untitled,  5 Gray paintings
Untitled, Sumi brush painting
Untitled  (tartan) 1